Carl B. Owens

Inducted: 2001

Best Known For: Coaching Basketball

His first Harlingen team posted a program record for wins, and he never backed up too much from that standard of excellence on the court.

After winning a state title at Kennard in 1973, Carl Owens arrived in Harlingen in 1978 and quickly led the Cardinal basketball team to a place among the Valley’s elites. That first squad won 29 games and seven times more did Owens-led Redbird teams triumph at least 28 times in a year, including 33 in 1993.

Meticulous and hard-driving, the winner of more than 800 career contests was a steady contributor at conferences, writing articles, and developing a handful of assistants who went on to become head coaches in the area.

A five-time Coach of the Year with eight district titles, he demanded excellence from his teams, and is recalled as one of the dominant coaches of any era in Valley hoops.