George Creasey

Inducted: 1989

Best Known For: Bowling

Hometown: Harlingen, TX

Anyone who’s ever picked up a bowling ball in the Valley knows the name Creasey, as it has become synonymous with the sport in these parts. He was a terrific bowler who helped popularize the sport in South Texas.

George Creasey bowled a total of 15 perfect 300 games after getting involved in the sport back in the 1930s in St. Louis, competing against greats like Dick Weber, Don Carter and Ray Bluth.

He finished second in the 1957 National Bowling Tournament, defeating Weber and losing to Carter in the finals. Creasey’s best year came in 1962, when he averaged 211 in competition in three different leagues that year.

He competed in 39 consecutive state tournaments in Texas and was still rolling the ball with speed and skill into his ’70s, after establishing a popular bowling alley in Harlingen, where he made his home after relocating to the area.