Max Cavazos

Inducted: 1991

Best Known For: Baseball - player and umpire

Hometown: Edinburg, TX

HS: Edinburg High School

College: Edinburg Junior College

High School Coach: Baseball

He was a star pitcher for the Edinburg Bobcats in the 1920s and later played at Edinburg Junior College, eventually making good as a long-time umpire who was respected for his skills and impartiality.

Max Cavazos was known as a “peppery” catcher and first baseman who competed in baseball at Edinburg JC, as a starter for the Bronco group under coach L.E. Chandler. He also toiled on the interior line for the school’s football team. After college, Cavazos was a fixture in the Playground Baseball Tournament, a popular event in the 1930s, and was a top softball player as well.

He excelled as an official, working his way to the top and training many of the youngsters who would go on to fame in later years.

In 1977, Cavazos received the Old Timers Umpire Award from the Texas State Umpires Association for a lifetime of commitment to the game.