Rachel McLish

Inducted: 2006

Best Known For: Bodybuilding

Hometown: Harlingen, TX

HS: Harlingen High School

College: Pan American University

One of the first mega-successful female body builders on the world stage, she parlayed incredible strength, arresting beauty, and an outgoing personality into a successful career as an actress and author.

Rachel (Elizondo) McLish was raised in Harlingen and attended Pan American University, where participation in a weight-training class was the catalyst. She rose to international fame as the first winner of the title Ms. Olympia, in 1980 and won the award again in 1982, during a five-year span in world competition when she won four titles, finishing second or third four times.

By now a household name in fitness, McLish starred in the 1985 documentary “Pumping Iron II: The Women,” and appeared in three movies during the 1980s, including “Iron Eagle III.” She authored a pair of best-selling books on fitness and was named to the International Female Body Builders Hall of Fame in 1999.