About Hall of Fame Inductees

Name Best Known For Inducted Hometown HS College Gender
James Hall Golf 2005 m
Dessie Richardson Heald Basketball & Volleyball Girls' Coach 1989 f
Rene Manuel Hinojosa Football (Player & Coach) 2002 Mercedes Mercedes High School m
Gerald Hirst Tennis (Player & Coach) 1994 m
Hank Hollingsworth Sportscaster 2004 m
Jim Houghtaling Officiating 2005 Brownsville, TX m
Edmund H. Knetig Jr. Football Officiating High School & College 2012 Corpus Christi, Texas W.B. Ray High - Corpus Christi m
Alex Leal Coaching Football 1996 m
Margaret Levermann Bowling - Professional 1998 Pharr & McAllen PSJA High & McAllen High f
Larry Lohr Athletic Trainer 1989 m
Jesse Longhofer Coaching Football 1994 Higgins, TX m
Carmen G Martinez Coaching Volleyball 1999 f
Jim McKone Sports Writer 1994 McAllen, TX McAllen High school m
Tommy Moore Football Official 2008 McAllen, TX McAllen High school m
Charles M. Nixon Bullfighter 1998 Mission, TX Mission High School m
Alfred H. Ogletree Baseball Coach 1989 m
Carl B. Owens Coaching Basketball 2001 m
Billy Gene Pemelton Track & Field and Football 1998 Mercedes, TX Mercedes High School m
Bernardo Pena Baseball 1991 m
Eliseo Pompa Baseball: Player & Coach 2007 Mission, TX Mission High School m
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