About Hall of Fame Inductees

Name Best Known For Inducted Hometown HS College Gender
Jackie Field, Sr. Football 2006 Mission, TX Mission High School The University of Texas at Austin m
Joe Filoteo, Jr. Basketball Boys Coach 2008 Waco, TX Baylor University m
R.C. Flores Football, baseball 1992 Edinburg, TX Edinburg High School Colorado University, Pan American College ('55-57) m
Richard R. Flores Football Coach and AD 1992 Edinburg, TX Edinburg High School m
Adrian Flores Baseball Umpire 1997 m
Wilfrido W. Garcia Coaching Track 2010 Rio Grande City, TX Rio Grande City High Pan American College m
Gonzalo Garcia Football (Player & Coach) 1999 Brownsville, TX Brownsville High School Southwest Texas State University m
Roy Garcia Basketball (player & coach) 1993 Los Fresnos, TX Los Fresnos High School m
Gil Garza Football & Baseball Coach & AD 2006 Edinburg Edinburg High School Pan American College m
Leonel G. Garza Football (Player & Coach) 2006 Los Fresnos, TX Los Fresnos High School Trinity University,TX; Livingston College (AL) m
Juan Manuel Garza Track & Field Coaching 2006 Brownsville, TX St. Joseph Academy, Brownsville St. Edwards University m
Rene G. Garza Basketball Coach 2006 San Antonio, Texas San Antonio Fox Tech St. Mary's University & Our Lady of the Lake University m
Sammy Garza Football Player 2011 Harlingen Harlingen High UT El Paso m
Eleuterio Garza, Jr. Coaching Basketball 1993 Roma, TX m
Leo Garza, Jr. Baseball & Softball (player & coach) 1996 Mission Mission High School St. Mary's University - San Antonio & Pan American College m
Joseph Gerlicki Coaching Soccer 2002 m
Rogelio Gonzalez Youth Sports Promoter 2004 McAllen, TX McAllen High School m
Matt F. Gorges Football (Player & Official) 1992 Harlingen, TX Harlingen High School Rice University m
Marshall Green Newspaper Journalist 2013 New York City, N.Y. Texas A & I - Kingsville m
Jesus Guerra Basketball (player & coach) 2000 Roma Roma High School Pan American University m
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